Archaeologists astounded by tablet that ‘revealed first ever image of Tower of Babel

Archaeologists have been left stunned after a recent discovery of a previously unseen site that revealed what is being called the “first-ever image of the Tower of Babel”. According to the report from Express-News, The Tower remains one of the most mysterious stories contained in the Bible.

For years, whether or not the Tower was a real, physical thing was open for discussion. Many believed it was simply symbolic, acting as a message to the Bible’s dedicated followers. Others claimed it was merely folklore or legend.

Archaeologists stunned by discovery of tablet that ‘revealed first ever image of Tower of Babel’

The fragile remains of the ancient city of Babylon, in modern day Iraq, have revealed many secrets; the greatest of all the discovery of a vast structure which ancient records suggest was the Tower of Babel.

These texts, as well as others, found all around the Middle East – where Christianity originated – have given scholars some idea of what the building might have looked like. bYet, none have given researchers a clear outline or description bound in solid imagery. Things changed in 2017 when academics were given access to a privately owned tablet.

The artifact was explored during the Smithsonian Channel’s documentary, ‘Secrets: Tower of Babel’. Here, the narrator said: “Inscribed on the tablet is an image that sensationally reveals exactly what the Tower of Babel looked like.”

Dr. Andrew George, an expert in ancient texts at SOAS, University of London, said: “This is a very strong piece of evidence that the Tower of Babel story in the Bible was inspired by this real building.”

Källa: Express-News