Bibelns Profetior uppfylls i snabb takt: Bible bombshell: Terrifying video shows locust ‘plague’ turn sky black over city

Biblical plague: Billions of locusts have been filmed swarming across India's iconic city of Jaipur
Biblical plague: The insects have also triggered emergencies in the agricultural areas

A PLAGUE described as being on ‘biblical’ proportions has descended on swathes of India, turning the sky black and triggering states of emergencies.

The cameramen proceeds to film a roof floor which has changed colour by a swirling mass of insects.

Within a matter of seconds, the locusts are shown entirely cover a stairway.

The locusts proceeded to ravage crops and send locals to despair.

Billions of locusts blanketed the sky during the second plague in Jaipur which took place on Monday, May 25.

A local emergency was declared in the city and in nearby agricultural areas of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra

Officials attempting to bring the plague under control took to spraying insecticides on crops to ward off the ravenous pests.

The Desert Locusts responsible are believed to have migrated from neighbouring Pakistan after destroying crops there.

India experiences approximately 10 locust attacks annually, usually following the monsoon winds.

The insect, which is a short horned grasshopper, is unique in its ability to change behaviour and work with mates to swarm and forage for food.


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