Herren räddade baby som sögs upp av Tonardo – 4-Month-old baby boy ripped from Tennessee home after being ‘sucked up’ by tornado found miraculously ALIVE in fallen tree

A four-month-old baby has miraculously survived after he was ‘sucked up’ by a tornado and flung into a tree in Tennessee. Sydney Moore, 22, was at home in Clarksville, Tennessee, with her two babies and her fiancé when a huge twister ripped through their home on Biglen Road.

The monster storm pulled four-month-old Lord, who was tucked up in his bassinet, out of the trailer before the house was torn to shreds.

Moore threw herself over the body of her other one-year-old son Princeton and clutched him while the trailer was repeatedly picked up and dropped amidst the violent tornado.

Meanwhile, her fiancé desperately tried rescue their baby before he too was pulled from the home and thrown out alongside the sleeping child.

‘He tried to grab him, but he couldn’t and the tip of the tornado sucked them both up,’ Moore told Fox17. ‘He was just holding on to the bassinet the whole time, and they went into circles,’ Moore recounted.

After escaping the wreckage of their home, the couple frantically searched for Lord and miraculously found him alive laying on a tree that had fallen in the pouring rain.

‘I thought he was dead. I was pretty sure he was dead and we weren’t going to find him. But he’s here, and that’s by the grace of God,’ Moore said.

‘We are told that he looked like he was placed on the tree gently,’ Moore’s sister Caitlyn shared. ‘Like an angel guided him safely to that spot.’

A GoFundMe account has been created by Caitlyn to raise money for the family, who are now homeless after losing everything in the tornado.

The page has raised almost $42,000 out of the $60,000 goal. Moore’s story has since attracted some skepticism, to which she responded: ‘For everyone saying I’m lying, karma will get you.’

‘If anyone knows me I’m the most humble person ever. Won’t lie for anything. Will try my hardest to make a way before I ever ask for help.’

Moore’s car – which was the first major purchase she ever made with her own money – wrecked and a complete loss because it was not insured.

The tornado also destroyed the family’s belongings, including formula, diapers, wipes, clothing, Moore’s phone and more.

Moore had to walk a mile to reach an ambulance, and eventually a doctor glued Lord’s injured ear.

Moore’s fiancé suffered a broken arm and shoulder from the catastrophe, according to Caitlyn, while the rest of the family sustained minor cuts and bruises.

The family also tragically lost their pet cats in the tornado. One, Safista, was found trapped in the trailer and had to be sawed out. The other, Balue, remains missing.

‘I’ve had such a hard time sleeping. My body hurts, and I feel like I keep hearing sirens. ‘Please just pray for me to have PEACE. At this moment I feel like my mental state is being compromised.’

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