Ukraine Invasion and Bible Prophecy

With Russia starting to invade Ukraine, many people are wondering how it relates to Bible prophecy. I believe the current Ukraine crisis is setting the stage for the fulfillment of several Bible prophecies…

1. Ezekiel 38-39 Coalition

All students of Bible prophecy know the story of Ezekiel 38, which describes the future invasion of Israel by a Russian leader (“Gog of the land of Magog”) and a coalition of mostly Islamic nations. Interestingly, Magog has been identified as ancient terminology for the area including modern-day Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan—and several Bible prophecy experts include Ukraine in the alliance. Thus, we could see the fulfillment of another part of Ezekiel’s prophecy should Russia overthrow Ukraine!

2. Russia’s Rise and America’s Demise

Ezekiel’s prophecy reveals that Russia will have a powerful presence on the world scene, so much so that Israel will stand alone when attacked by the massive northern military coalition (Eze. 38:13). Interestingly, Vladimir Putin is doing everything he can to make this a reality. See: Could Vladimir Putin be Gog?
Putin wants to prevent Ukraine from developing closer ties with Europe, which would significantly diminish his power. He is pushing oil prices to record highs and forcing the West to begin an arms race at a time when the U.S. economy is fragile, with $30 trillion of debt, and when the U.S. has lost oil independence. And, thanks to a particular moment of power-political E.U. weakness (Brexit, French presidential elections, Angela Merkel’s stepping down, etc.) and the weakest and most inept U.S. administration in history, no power is standing firmly in his way.
Not only could this be the undoing of America that leads to the open door of invasion by the Ezekiel 38 coalition into Israel, but the appearance of U.S. weakness also removes a key obstacle in the plans of the globalists for world domination!

3. Demand for a Strong European Leader

At the same time, the appearance of a divided and leaderless Europe, along with the total loss of confidence in the Biden administration, is rekindling efforts to build up a united military force in Europe. One of Germany’s most distinguished publicists and commentators, Wolfram Weimer, wrote on February 22: 

“Putin’s policy of aggression exposes the weakness of the European Union.” 

And, the Austrian paper Der Standard wrote

“The EU finally needs a leader who can deal with Putin and [Joe] Biden on an equal footing.” 

This could set the stage for the rise of the Antichrist and the revived Roman Empire! See: Europe’s Rise Foretold in Bible Prophecy

4. Ukrainian Jews Return to Israel

Finally, as conflict with Russia goes on, hundreds of Ukrainian Jews are returning to Israel in light of the situation—fulfilling the prophecies in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel regarding the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland in the last days!

Combine this conflict with the recent rapid decline in US-Israel relations, Russia and China’s growing aggression, global inflation and shortages, the trampling of freedom and liberty and seizing of ever greater amounts of power by governments around the world, vaccine mandates and passports, Big Tech censorship, and countless other events which are setting the stage for the fulfillment of prophecies during the future Tribulation period… 

We have never been closer to the Rapture, the Tribulation, and Christ’s return!

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