‘Bible prophecy is coming true’ as claims billionaires build huge underground bunkers

Some of the richest men on Earth are building doomsday bunkers in a move that was predicted in the last and most dramatic book of the Bible, according to a leading podcaster.

It has recently emerged that Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, currently ranked fourth on the Forbes billionaires list, has spent $187million on a 1,600-acre patch of land in Hawaii.

He’s now reportedly building a luxury ranch, incorporating a 5,000-square-foot underground bunker, complete with its own energy and food supplies. The bunker beneath Zuckerberg’s Koolau Ranch is expected to feature a giant metal door filled with concrete, a feature typical of nuclear bomb shelters.

Podcaster Christina Randall claims that Zuckerberg’s bunker is just the latest of around 15 doomsday shelters being built by billionaires around the globe.

“It is definitely very interesting that they’re choosing to build something that sounds like it could be fully self-sustaining, especially if something catastrophic happened to the world and it was no longer habitable,” she said.

“Why not just build a regular old mansion or some kind of commercial facility that could generate Zuckerberg even more money?” She stressed: “This building is definitely not cheap, it is estimated to cost over $270 million and it looks like this is going to be the largest private personal construction project in human history. We’re talking about over a quarter of a billion dollars.”

She pointed out that a lot of the wealthiest people in the world are starting similar projects. She added that it’s no coincidence that Hawaii was the site of a terrifying nuclear false alarm in 2018 when all television, radio, and mobile networks were interrupted to warn locals of an incoming North Korean missile. The alert ended with the statement “This is not a drill”.

For over half an hour, until a clarification was issued, the islands were in complete panic. “There were people that that were putting their children in holes and they didn’t know what to do,” Christina said. “And then there were some people that got their lawn chairs and just sat out front because they thought ‘how can we hide from this?’”

With the threat of nuclear war higher than it has been in decades, and with climate change fuelling even more regional and global conflicts, humanity is experiencing a “moment of historic danger,

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